TheRebirthof mutual funds

Our concept of “The Rebirth of Mutual Funds” stems from our desire to bring the mutual fund industry into the future. By utilizing a mathematical computer process to analyze market data, we aim to remove all emotion from the investment decision. Our process provides for the tactical use of a multitude of asset classes, thereby allowing for participation in bull markets and the opportunity to protect in bear markets.

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Our Funds

Equity FundRQEIX    RQEAX    RQECX
  • Non-Emotional, Quantitatively-driven process
  • No style, market capitalization or sector constraints
  • Flexibility to move 100% into bonds or cash during turbulent market periods
  • Composed of highly liquid ETFs
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Income FundRQIIX    RQIAX    RQICX
  • Non-Emotional, Quantitatively-driven process
  • Composed of income producing securities
  • Pays dividend monthly, designed to be a core income-oriented investment
  • Can act as a hedge against a rising rate environment
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